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PostSubject: Writers Wanted   Writers Wanted EmptyThu Feb 01, 2018 8:40 pm

There are currently a few projects open for collaboration between multiple writers. While basic stories and chapters have been planned out, they're still in early development and nothing is set in stone, this is the chance to have your say and help shape the future of the Heroes EU.

Brave New World
Our very own Heroes season 5. The plot will be more character and politically driven than the save the world scenarios of previous seasons. Currently intended to be the final volume of the main Heroes title and the last to put main focus on the show's characters, though this could change if members come up with season 6 ideas.

Ground Zero: Dawn of a Brave New World
An anthology of short stories that can set up or expand on plotpoints from Season 5 or be self contained.

Heroes Reborn
A three volume series with the first being a loose retelling of the Reborn TV series before moving in a new direction.

The Company
A prequel series chronicling the foundation and evolution of the Company as well as the cases they came across over the decades. Another member can take full control of this if they wish. No real plans yet.

Sullivan Bros. (Working Title)
A side story spanning the first 3 seasons of Heroes, showing the rivalry between Samuel and Joseph Sullivan in their carnival. A few ideas but the only plans so far are in the pitch. Again someone is free to take over this series if it goes ahead, I'll be around to help but someone else taking charge will allow me to work on Season 5, Heroes Reborn and my own solo stories for the EU.

If you want to join the team for any of these or become the leader of the 2 available series, just let me know through a PM and I'll give you access to private writing forums for that series.

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Writers Wanted
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