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This thread is a guide that will help you through everything you need to know about how the expanded universe works and how to take part.


  • Stories cannot contradict events that have come before it.
  • Permission must be given for use of another person's original character.
  • You don't have to be the author, as long as their permission is given and they are properly credited the story can be posted.


The expanded universe wants to avoid traditional fan fiction format and the large posts of text that go with it, instead finished stories will be uploaded to a host to download in various ereader formats. The stories will be available to read without download on the Heroes EU wiki Any written stories should also follow the novel format. Below is a list of media allowed on the site:

  • Ebooks (short stories and novels)
  • Graphic novels/comics
  • Live action videos
  • Animated videos
  • Audio dramas
  • Audio books
  • Diary/journal


Anyone is welcome to submit their stories as long as they meet the above requirements. Stories are posted in the "Submissions" section where they will be moved into "The Company" section. The company then reads the story and vote on whether or not the story is accepted into the universe. If it is accepted it will be moved into the "Expanded Universe" section, if rejected it will go in the "Fan Fiction" section. Stories will generally be accepted unless it contradicts other stories and/or is full of errors.

All stories must first go to submissions to be judged, even if the user already has stories accepted. If the story is part of a series, and the company have a rough idea or where the story is going, it is possible for only the first part to be judged while the rest of the series can go straight to the expanded universe. Sometimes the company may suggest/request certain changes before the work can be accepted.

You may also use the "Submissions" section to reserve your story before it has been written, just provide the basic plot information. This will prevent stories that have been in development for some time being kept out of the EU by a new story being completed faster that contradicts yours. You may also use this option to get help from other members just as wanting to form a writing team for a story. To do this just end the topic title with (Open).


The company is a group of the forum that goes through submissions and decides on what does and doesn't make it into the expanded universe. This is to maintain a certain level of quality and avoid continuity errors.

Members of the forum, preferably other authors could end up being invited to the group.

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Heroes EU Guide
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